Caro’s Spring Trend Predictions

It may feel like winter outside here in the Pacific Northwest, but with Spring 2023– there’s a lot to look forward to. Spring allows for flexibility within our wardrobe. We can play with our winter layers, while bringing out the summer accessories. 
Sit down with Caro–one of Wild Cactus’s retail stars and fashion lover for Caro’s Spring Predictions, featuring 3 trends they plan to see this Spring season. 
Western & Biker Wear
Raw denim layering, leather, monochrome black, and the pairing of feminine dresses and tops, with masculine footwear is making a comeback. Think leather boots, vests, Wrangler denim, silver jewelry and suede cowboy hats. This edgy look has typically been worn by men, but come Spring 2023, fashion’s latest take on western and biker wear is mixing with femininity. 
Prairie Core
The overly feminine, vintage look, Prairie Core, is certainly making its presence known. Prairie Core’s aesthetic is based around a slower lifestyle, one that attends their local farmer’s market on the weekends and appreciates living a slower, nature-based lifestyle. 
As for the fashion, you can find Prairie Core displayed through high necklines, oversized collars, expressive ruffles, lightweight materials, stringy tops, feminine bows, scrunchies and twines. 
Military Deadstock 
“On a very general level, deadstock fabric is material that was created but never used.” (Menswear Style, UK.) Deadstock simply put, gives once undesirable textiles a second life. 
A brand that does Military Deadstock well, and has also made it a notable trend, is Dickies. Masculine workwear, with oversized thick materials, double layered knees, dark blues and greens, buttons, loops, large pockets and quilted jackets is just about everywhere these days, (especially in Portland, Oregon.) Pair these traditionally masculine pieces with warm flannels, or a feminine petite top come Spring.  
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